June 22, 2024

Energy Transition: SON launches new standards for solar system components


Energy Transition: SON launches new standards for solar system components

Energy Transition: SON launches new standards for solar system components

Solomon Ezeme

As parts of efforts to accelerate access to energy through renewable energy, the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) via a virtual event held on Tuesday in Abuja,  launched a range of new standards for solar system components. 

The new industrial standards are for manufacturers and suppliers of solar panels, batteries, inverters, photovoltaic (PV), charge controllers and metering standards.

The Director General of (SON), Mallam Farouk Salim, in his official address to participants disclosed that the initiative was part of the mandate of the Nigerian Energy Support Programme(NESP).

The NESP is a technical assistance programme co-funded by the European Union (EU) and the German Government.

According to the DG, the new solar components standards will support the Federal Government’s objective to accelerate access to energy, by creating a regulated solar PV market in the country.

He said that setting up and adhering to the standards would unlock the potential opportunity within the Nigerian market for renewable energy technology deployments.

“Globally, lack of enough efforts to provide sufficient energy has resulted in the challenges and impacts that affect the climate, causing untold greenhouse effects.

“In Nigeria, we crave for high energy sufficiency while expecting to protect nature. Therefore, we can no longer afford to ignore actions against greenhouse effects.

“It is to this end that these sets of standards and the other approved standards in this category are considered very important, timely and instruments for actions to support energy sufficiency,” he said.
The SON DG noted that the standards would also mitigate the negative effects of climate change.

“As these standards are launched today, opportunities for fair trade practices, lowered cost of manufacture/assembly, consumer satisfaction, business expansion, employment creation and career development will all be enhanced.

“I therefore urge players in the sector to comply with all the requirements of these standards to ensure good manufacturing practices and the best product quality that will satisfy all consumers at all times,” he said.

Salim further disclosed that the SON would carry out stakeholders awareness campaign and strict enforcement to ensure that manufacturers, project developers and users complied with the new standards.

Engr. Peter Ewesor, NEMSA Managing Director and Chief Electrical Inspector of the Federation, in his goodwill message to SON, disclosed that the launch was a milestone in the effort toward enforcement of standards and regulations.

He said that NEMSA enforcement team would work with SON to ensure that manufacturers of electrical materials and installations upheld stipulated standards.

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