July 21, 2024

NDPHC sets vision 30-30-30, creates renewable energy department


NDPHC sets vision 30-30-30, creates renewable energy department

NDPHC sets vision 30-30-30, creates renewable energy department

Solomon Ezeme 

The Niger Delta Power Holding Company (NDPHC), has announced that it has set up a renewable energy department to facilitate its venture into power generation, aimed at achieving a 30 per cent contribution to the national energy mix (Vision 30-30-30), by 2030.

It disclosed that its renewable energy department will focus on using on-grid and off-grid renewable energy sources to provide efficient, clean, affordable  access to electricity for more Nigerians.

NDPHC made this disclosure in its National Integrated Power Projects (NIPP) report for 2015 – 2021, seen by EnergyDay Nigeria.

It stated that it  was investing in the renewable energy sector by contributing a total of 3400MW to the national grid. It added that it was meeting renewables vision of making 30 per cent of the national energy mix by 2030 (Vision 30-30-30).

NDPHC further disclosed that it was  acting as a  guarantor to manufacturers and assemblers of solar components as well as off-grid energy retailers in the country who have been certified eligible to obtain Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) facility funds for renewable energy projects. 

It further stated that it has created its renewable energy department with the aim of ensuring that funding from the CBN is utilised and the renewable energy projects are completed in line with the provisions of the CBN facility.

According to the power firm, several projects had already been completed as at February 2021, promising that more of such are ongoing or upcoming, as part of the Economic Sustainability Plan, Economic Growth Recovery Strategies, and Re-Industrialisation Agenda of the present administration. 

In the report, NDPHC further gave indication that six NIPP generation plants are currently operational while four are still under construction. 

On transmission, the NDPHC reported  that it  has completed four transmission substations, adding 300MVA capacity to the grid. The completed substations are Awka, Nkalagu, Ihiala, and Orlu substations. The NDPHC has completed at least 360 injection substations in the distribution sector with a combined capacity of about 3,540MW. It also has several projects targeted at the restoration of vandalised distribution facilities


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