Rusty pipes, not vandalization responsible for pipeline leakage at Ijegun – NNPC

Picture of NNPC Engineer working on gas pipeline

Solomon Ezeme

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC),said it has finally discovered the cause of a recent pipeline leakage in Ijegun, a Lagos suburb.

The officials of the corporation stated that they dug about 5ft by 4ft deep pit before finding the pipeline’s eruption point, which was later pegged and clamped to stop further leakage.

The search for the cause of the leakage according to the corporation began around 12pm on Saturday, 26th June, 2021; while repair work on the rusty pipeline which was said to have caused the leakage in the first place , contrary to earlier information that the leakage was started by sabotage, was completed around 6:00pm on Monday, June 28, 2021.

The leakage site after the palliative measure. Picture as captured the following day after heavy downpour.

EnergyDay gathered that other agencies assisted NNPC, in tracing the leaking petrol pipes from Ijegun to Ijeododo community.

EnergyDay had in earlier report given a graphic detail of how the Ijegun community was gripped by fear of explosion due to a pipeline leakage.

At the height of frenzy of fear that enveloped the community, Mr. Muyiwa Akinwunmi, the CDA Chairman of the area affected by the leakage sent a letter explaining the development to EnergyDay. He added that palpable apprehension had gripped his people, after the community made several failed efforts to reach the Nigerian Pipelines and Storage Company (NPSC), the State Government and other relevant agencies.

Akinwumi, while speaking with EnergyDay during a follow-up on the story, disclosed that the reported leakage in his community occurred because the petrol pipe was rusty, and not due as a result of vandalization, as earlier suspected.

“It is apparent that the cause of the leakage was rusty pipe r and not vandalization as earlier suspected. The permanent solution, we believe will be the total replacement of the affected petrol pipes, and a complete overhaul of the entire weak pipes along the Pipeline from Ijegun to the Ijeododo community,” he said.

He praised the efforts of officials of Lagos State Emergency Agency (LASEMA), the Nigerian Police, Lagos State Fire Service; Nigeria Army; Civil Defence, Lagos State Neighbourhood Watch led by Mr Omolabi and men from Pentagon Security Services, for carrying out surveillance and protection of the affected area until repair work was completed.

He called on the NNPC Maintenance Department to station security operatives at the site, to monitor and avert further possible leakages. He also called on the Lagos State Ministry of Environment to immediately conduct an environmental assessment of the area against possible side effects on residents’ health.