February 25, 2024

Solar energy firm, AllBase set to launch new products


By Solomon Ezeme

Nigeria’s renewable energy ecosystem is set to witness the birth of new products uniquely designed to suit the local specifications.

Chief executive officer, CEO, AllBase Energy, Kunle Odebunmi stated this in an exclusive interview with EnergyDay.

According to him, the company which received a $100,000 seed grant from USADF -after emerging as the winners of the 2020 Nigeria Off-Grid Energy Challenge- is set to launch two new products into the market in the next two months.

“We have two projects at hand which will be released within the next two months”, Odebunmi told this medium.

“Our software engineers and product designers have been working tirelessly to achieve perfection on these products. Series of test runs have been carried out, we honestly cannot wait to launch,” he further said.

The products are designed to improve electricity consumers who patronise renewable energy, expatiating on the products, Odebunmi said, “These products are revolutionary and would bring about a sigh of relief to people within the energy sector and also to homeowners and businesses as they would be solving actual problems.”

Speaking on how the company utilised the grant, he said, “The $100,000 blended financing received after we were listed as winners of the 2020 Nigeria Off-Grid Energy Challenge was used to purchase additional solar systems and panels so that we could achieve some sort of scalability for the working middle class in underserved locations.”

He added that, “The additional systems received helped us power households and businesses that were on our waiting list; it also allowed us to introduce the Flexi-Payment Scheme which allows households and businesses interested in the EL+ Solution pay within a period of 9 months.”

According to him, the company’s current flagship product, EL+ uniquely provides power for essential appliances for the working middle class with its superior design and utility.
On what makes his products better than others in the Nigerian market space he said,

“The uniqueness of our products is that it gives our customers the ability to remotely monitor and control their appliances.

“All of our products come with an app that allows users to request for any of our devices, remotely monitor their energy consumption and usage, renew their monthly payment automatically and so on.

“Finally, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service in delivering comfort to our customers.”
Mr Odebunmi revealed that his company is currently in talks with several investors to raise funds for his new projects.
Meanwhile, AllBase Energy has plans to extend to every country in Africa.
According to him, the company has gotten representatives in some of African countries and they have started some groundwork. “By the second quarter of 2022, we would be making some huge announcements,” he said

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