Policy inconsistency threatening foreign capital inflows to energy sector – Experts

By Emmanuel Marculay

Stakeholders in the Nigerian energy industry have identified uncordinated policies implementation as a major impediment threatening foreign capital attraction into the energy sector.

Speakers at the ongoing Energy Sustainability Conference, hosted by the Energy Institute Nigeria on the theme: “Accelerating Sustainable Energy Solutions through Policy Formulation: Prospects and Limitations,” expressed this view.

President, General Electric, GE Nigeria, Mr Mohammed Mijindadi, stated that energy sector lacks adequate policy implementation, hence it is unable to secure the much needed foreign capital investment required to grow it

“Most policies are not entirely connected to the value chain and that alone is a big crisis.

“The lack of coordination among the policies is a bit challenging and thus threatening direct investment or investors to both power and petroleum sector.

“To this end, better coordination should be the drive else little or no development would come in.”


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