June 21, 2024

7Up sets to commission 10.5MW solar power plant


….to become Nigeria’s largest industrial solar-powered factory

Oredola Adeola

In a bid to become Nigeria’s largest industrial player using solar energy to power its operations, the Seven-Up Bottling Company (SBC) is set to install 10.5MW solar power systems. The initiative is said to be part of the company’s primary day-time energy source for all of its factories across Nigeria, bringing its total installed solar power capacity to 12MW.

This was contained in a statement released by Daystar Power and obtained by EnergyDay on Wednesday.

Ziad Maalouf, Managing Director of SBC, said, “We are delighted to deepen our partnership with Daystar Power to install solar power systems for our Nigerian operations. Solar energy is a win-win for us – we can save significantly on our post costs and reduce our carbon emissions.

Jasper Graf von Hardenberg, CEO/Co-founder of Daystar Power, said Seven-Up had shown extraordinary leadership in adopting solar energy. There is proof that Nigerian industrial manufacturers can save costs on energy and meet their sustainability requirements.

He said, “This agreement with SBC to install 10.5MW solar power systems for five of its factories across Nigeria will bring SBC’s total installed solar power capacity to 12MW, making it Nigeria’s largest industrial manufacturer to power its operations with solar energy.

“In 2021, SBC partnered with Daystar Power to design, operate and manage nearly 1.5mw solar power systems at two of its bottling plants. Daystar installed 450kW and 990kW solar systems at SBC’s Kaduna and Kano factories.  The rooftop installations consisted respectively of 842 535Wp panels and 1,543 535Wp and 532 310Wp panels. With the two solar power systems, SBC will offset a combined 24,224 MT in CO2 emissions over the installations’ twenty-year lifetime and save up to 40% on its power costs.

Daystar CEO further revealed that after installations of the two facilities, SBC has made a commitment with the company for additional solar power systems at its five factories in Abuja, Lagos (Ikeja), Ibadan, and Ilorin over the next six months.

It was further revealed that the two companies are at the advance stage of rolling out solar energy as the primary daytime power source at all of its nine SBC sites in Nigeria, making it Nigeria’s largest industrial manufacturer to use solar energy in its operations.

Daystar Power , with an installed solar power capacity of 32mw, has been offering hybrid power solutions to commercial and industrial businesses in West Africa. The company recently installed a 990kW solar power system at the Kano factory of SBC.

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