March 1, 2024

Ikeja Electric deploys technology to fight meter bypass


Oredola Adeola


As part of measures to deal with recurring cases of illegal meter bypass and energy theft on prepaid meters, Ikeja Electric Plc(IE) has revealed plan to deploy intelligent meter box.

Mr. Kola Adesina, Group Managing Director Sahara Power Group, and Chairman, Ikeja Electric Plc, made this known on Friday in an exclusive interview with EnergyDay.

According to him, IE is going to deploy better technology across all its network areas and facilities to help deal with bypass, energy theft and other illegal activities by consumers.

He said, “At IE, we are planning to deploy intelligent meter box, to make it almost impossible for anybody to bypass our pre-paid meter. This facility will be tamper-proof, as it would trigger an alert when touched and it would reflect on our system.

“Part of what we are doing to upscale our technological base is the establishment of innovation hub around all our asset. This is meant to encourage creative thinking by all our engineers. The idea is to upgrade their knowledge, as a basis to equip them with the right skill to deal with current challenges in the power sector.

“We don’t want them to use old ways of operation to deal with new trends. They have to start applying new innovative solutions.

“We no longer use paper bills, we have gone paperless. Customers now get their details via SMS and emails. Everything is now done online. Vending systems have been digitalised and customers no longer have to pay cash to any of our staff.

“Breakers, transformers and other facilities are technological driven to reduce service service interruption,”he said.

The IE Chairman further revealed that the DISCOs will continue to prioritise deployment of technology to enhance customer experience, promote efficiency and deliver better service across all its network areas.

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