February 25, 2024

TCN gives reasons for load shedding in Lagos axis


Solomon Ezeme

Following several complaints via public notices made by two DisCos (Electricity Distribution Companies) supplying electricity to Lagos residents, the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has given an official explanation for its adoption of load shedding in its Lagos axis.

The Company on Saturday through its General Manager, Public Affairs, Ndidi Mbah, stated that the fire accident which took place at the Egbin Power Station on Wednesday, compelled it to adopt the load shedding method which saw the electricity wheeled to its Lagos axis decline.

Mbah explained that the fire accident had led to the removal of 630 Megawatts (MW) of electricity from the national grid, reducing the amount of power evacuated from the plant and affecting onward distribution to DisCos in its Lagos axis.

She explained that the TCN was concerned about saving the already weak national grid from a further collapse by reducing bulk supply to the axis and maintaining generation load balance, as a result.

“The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) hereby informs the general public that the ongoing load shedding in the Lagos axis is as a result of the fire incident which occurred in Egbin Power Station on Wednesday this week which necessitated the shutdown of all the power generating units in the power station.

“With the shutdown of the units, a total of 630MW was removed from the grid.

“The removal of 630MW from the grid at the same time means that TCN had to strive to ensure that it achieves generation load balance to maintain the stability of the grid.

“This it did by reducing bulk electricity to Lagos, to avoid overloading the 330kV lines within the State, while the third unit at the Shiroro Station was tied.

“These were necessary to avoid the collapse of the nation’s grid,” Mbah noted.

She revealed that the TCN and Egbin Power Plant officials are currently working to restore normal generation and continue full evacuation of generated power from the plant to the TCN in the shortest possible time.

“Meanwhile, Egbin Power Station is working assiduously to ensure a full restoration of its generating units to the grid and until this happens, TCN will continue to do all it can to keep the grid stable.

“TCN will continue the evacuation of generated power from Egbin Power Station as soon as the Station resumes power generation,” she further stated.

Prior to this explanation by the TCN, the Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC) and the Ikeja Electric Plc (I.E) operating in the affected axis, had both disclosed that the low supply situation in their networks was due to load shedding by the TCN while they apologized to their customers on Saturday.

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