Oyo state govt owes us N450 million- IBEDC claims

The Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company(IBEDC) Plc has alleged that the Oyo State Government is owing the company N450 million. This was disclosed in a statement obtained by EnergyDay via IBEDC’s Chief Operating Officer. John Ayodele on Wednesday.

The DisCo revealed that the Oyo State Government has illegally sealed off its offices following the disconnection of electricity supply to the State Secretariat which also houses the Governor’s Office.

IBEDC’s chief operating officer, COO, said “We wish to hereby inform our esteemed customers of the retaliatory and illegal action of the state government over the issue of its indebtedness.

He said, “The Oyo State Government on Wednesday 9, February, 2022 commenced the sealing of our offices within the state over some suddenly contrived debts labeled revenue bills and personal income without due notification. This issue of revenue bills and personal income arising now is quite suspicious.

Engr. Ayodele explained that the company as part of efforts to get the outstanding paid initiated several engagements , correspondences and physical meetings with the state government to no avail.

He said, “No business in this country can run successfully with such a huge outstanding debt, the power we distribute to customers must be accounted for and paid for, we have no choice but to disconnect the Oyo State Secretariat, so it is worrisome to see that the government has sealed off our offices with this underhand and arm twisting tactics, instead of paying the debt owed.

“This was not done in good faith and it would have damaging effect on the business and service delivery to our customers,” Engr. Ayodele further explained.

The COO appealed to the State Governor , Engr. Seyi Makinde to look into the matter in the interest of all concerned as this would further exacerbate the power challenges and pressure on residents and commercial activities within the state.

The Oyo State Board of Internal Revenue in a statement released in response to IBEDC’s statement revealed that the state government sealed offices of the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company over a tax default in excess of N400m.

Mr. Femi Awakan,Chairman of the Board revealed that the state government duly obtained a distraining order of the Oyo State High Court before sealing some of the offices of the distribution company.

Some of the offices affected by Wednesday’s action include the company’s headquarters in Ring Road, Ibadan and its offices at Mobil, off Ring Road, Dugbe, Ojoo/Iwo Road office as well as Monatan, all in Ibadan.