July 23, 2024

Traders on spot as 200,000 b/d Egina oilfield remains stable


The Egina FPSO facility is on schedule to receive two large vessels this week to lift crude oil from its facility, located approximately 150km off the coast of Nigeria in the Gulf of Guinea. 

This is in contrast to the emerging decline in the country’s production  profile which has dropped to 1.417mbpd in February, 2022. A shortfall of 10,000b/d from the preceding month of January,2022.

The two oil trading vessels are presently on queue during this week to pick up crude cargoes from Egina’s 108,000b/d production capacity, ” EnergyDay Intelligence” told our correspondent . ” The vessels are Aegean Marathon and vessel Antarctic and are both approaching the OML 130 facility, operated by Total Upstream.

Nigeria’s energy sector is currently encased  in controversies with the shutdown of the country’s electricity supply for the third day running with no clear sign that matters may not become worse before getting better.

TotalUpstream, in previous official statements , said it is committed to supporting Nigeria’s energy sector development and would continue to expand its downstream operations in the country,  

The company said ” Deep offshore developments are one of Total’s main growth avenues in Nigeria, where the Group operates the Akpo field in OML 130 and launched the development of the Egina field in the same lease in 2013. 

 Offshore production also comes from OMLs 99, 100 and 102, which are operated by the Group as part of a joint-venture with NNPC. The main fields in these leases are Amenam-Kpono, Edikan and Ofon. On Ofon, Total completed the flare-out in January 2015 which will allow for the gradual increase of production towards the 90,000 boe/d production target. 

 Total’s onshore production comes from OML 58, which it also operates as part of its joint-venture with NNPC. A project is underway to increase the lease’s natural gas and condensate production capacity to supply the domestic market.


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