Book review: She Triumphs by  Rita O. Akpata 

The inner workings of a woman’s mind is laid bare in this wonderful narrative, that everyone who aspires to keep a happy family should read.

It is the compelling life story of a beautiful talented woman of integrity, who made the costly mistake of choosing the wrong spouse and couldn’t reverse her decision until it became almost too late.

Her six years old son , understood that her dear mother was dying and whispered this tender plea ” Mummy please…, I’ll take care of you”. Seeing her mother on the brink of suicide after prolonged occurrences of assault , domestic abuse and deprivations.

This is the sordid story of what some women go through in marriages that are troubled, too turbulent and self destructive. Marriage is not a prison but rather, a place of love, affection , support and growth.

The author echoes the silent yearnings and the agonising cry for help by several married women, spinsters and divorcees who are faced with marital challenges and are unable to extricate themselves.

She asked “Marriage is Blissful because Romance is sweet but things do go wrong. What should I do when things begin to go wrong ? When I’m constantly abused ? Intimidated and unloved ?”

Rita Akpata, from the treasures of her personal experience says , “Life is full of challenges, but only those who are strong in faith, resilient , determined , focused and purpose driven are able to walk through life and take hold of their victory ” if that sounds like a familiar platitude , you might be right but hear this ”

“In the years that followed after my separation and divorce, I kept restoring my marital destiny, because despite the crash of my marriage, I still believed in the institution of marriage. I prayed for a man who would love me and my two boys as his own. A man who truly loves and fears God ”

“God answered my prayers . No, it is not because I’m a Legal Practitioner with skills to persuade. It is because our God is indeed merciful and he hears us when we pray !

The book, “She Triumph” is a real life account and a guide for those who are searching for counsel and illumination on how best to resolve marital challenges that have gone really really bad.

There is a silver lining that you shouldn’t miss about this masterpiece, “She TRIUMPHS !. The book is dedicated to Every Woman, Every Girl , Every Man and Every Husband, as we all aspire to build Happy and Triumphant Families.

The Author Rita O Akpata, is a Christian Lawyer , Entrepreneur, Teacher, Mentor , Administrator, has now found love again as she is now happily married to Mr. Omoruyi Akpata and the marriage is blessed with a child.

Through her experience and battle of life, she founded Barr. Rita Oboh-Akpata Foundation (BROAF) – which is an institution dedicated to helping those whose marriages are challenged, including those who suffer abuse, humiliation or domestic violence in their marital union and in need of timely support.

If you have any lady who may be going through a very tough life challenge, encourage such a person today with this book.  It may be a life saving move.

The book is available at the following addresses:

Lushville Hotel and Suites
24, Gapiona Street, off Benoni Road,
G.R.A, Benin City.

No 3, Adebisi Oguniyi Crescent Lekki Phase 1

The Author can be reached via