April 16, 2024

Special Infrastructure company takes over crude oil pipeline services 


Solomon Ezeme

With the long-standing challenges of infrastructure vandalism and oil theft facing many oil companies operating in Nigeria, a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), Umugini Pipeline Infrastructure LTD (UPIL), manager of the Umugini Pipeline that transports crude oil to the prime forcados terminal, has reinstated its commitment towards the growth of the Nigerian midstream sector through pipeline management and monitoring.

The infrastructure service company known to manage the Umugini Pipeline on behalf of Joint Venture (JV) Partners, Midwestern Hydrocarbon Pipeline Company Ltd and Energia Limited, is planning to develop logistic facilities that will ensure crude oil movement from production facility to the terminals is safeguarded.

EnergyDay’s check revealed that the pipeline, which has an operating life of 25 years, transports crude oil to terminal facilities belonging to oil companies in Nigeria. It has a design capacity of 45,000 barrels bbls per day and has successfully flowed about 18,990 and 982.34bbls of crude oil to different oil terminals, since January 2015.

Umugini Pipeline serves as an alternative crude evacuation route to the Umusadege-NAOC Brass Terminal evacuation route that connects through the Shell Trans Forcados Pipeline (TFP) to the Forcados Terminal, with several oil companies in the Umusadege, Obodugwa, Obodeti and Umutu already transporting their crude oil through it.

Against the backdrop of this commitment, Mr Blessing Ayemere, the Managing Director of Umugini Pipeline Infrastructure LTD (UPIL) recently met with the Management of the Nigerian Midstream and Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority (NMDPRA) to discuss its existing and future plans on pipeline infrastructures particularly, the Umugini Pipeline.

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