How to avoid being shortchanged by DisCos – FCCPC to unmetered customers

Oredola Adeola

A step by step guide has been provided by an agency of the Federal Government for unmetered electricity customers to avoid being unfairly shortchanged by the Electricity Distribution Companies of Nigeria(DisCos). This was presented in a statement obtained by EnergyDay from the  Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) at the weekend.

FCCPC  formerly known as the Consumer Protection Council(CPC) is an agency of the government established to ensure that market distortions across all sectors are minimized and rules of fair play are respected in the marketplace.

EnergyDay gathered that the agency’s oversight functions extend beyond just consumer protection issues, and cover all entities in Nigeria – whether they are engaged in commercial activities as corporate bodies, or as government agencies and bodies.
According to FCCPC, in the monthly bill , the unmetered electricity customers are expected to check the expected hours of daily power supply applicable to their tariff band.
FCCPC said, “Customers can contest their tariff band if the electricity they are supplied at any given period falls short of the required hours over a 60-day cycle.
“Check the NERC Amended Order on Capping of Estimated Bills for your distribution company; and ensure your estimated consumption does not exceed the stipulated cap for your area.
“Find out the price per kiloWatts per hour(KWpH) of your electricity from your monthly bill. Your bill is calculated by multiplying the estimated energy by the current tariff plus 7.5 percent Value Added Tax(VAT).
“If you find any discrepancy in your bill, complain in writing to your distribution company. If your complaint is not addressed satisfactorily by your distribution company, escalate it to the NERC Forum office in your area or the FCCPC,” the statement said.
The agency however assured electricity consumers in the country of its preparedness to take on cases of abuse and shortchange by the DisCos.