June 19, 2024

Nigerian Government moves to arraign Mikano, Jubaili brothers, JMG, other generator dealers over alleged infringement, sharp practices


Oredola Adeola

…as FCCPC commences investigation into generator importation, manufacture, distribution

The Nigerian Government through the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission(FCCPC) has commenced a broad investigation into the operations of the Jubaili brothers, Mikano International Limited, JMG, and other operators dominating certain segments of the importation, manufacture, assembly, and distribution of generators into the country, over allegations of infringement and sharp practices against the provisions of the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Act (“the FCCPA”)

This was revealed by Babatunde Irukere, Executive Vice Chairman/ Chief Executive Officer of FCCPC in a statement obtained by EnergyDay on Wednesday.

Irukere disclosed that the three major manufacturers and importers as well as other operators in the value chain are being investigated after the Commission had obtained and processed credible intelligence and conducted preliminary inquiries into their activities.

The FCCPC Vice Chairman said, “In furtherance of the investigation, the Commission on November 16, 2022, obtained a Search Warrant and Order of the Federal High Court in Case No FHC/ABJ/CS/2075/2022 after sufficiently convincing the court that there is probable cause and prima facie evidence of infringements of the FCPA.

“The purpose of the Search Warrant and Order was to secure vital information and evidence from key targets and large industry players whose businesses and practices have been implicated in the intelligence so far procured and surveillance work already done.

“The Commission simultaneously executed the Search Warrant on the identified targets and secured certain information from targets of the investigation. The investigation is progressing with forensic analysis, hearings, questioning, and other evidence-gathering tools.

The Commission has therefore appealed to the general public willing to provide it with further intelligence in respect of the allegation of infringement levelled against the suspects.

The FCCPC Vice CEO said, ” The Commission is keenly interested in receiving feedback or experiences with respect to dealings or any relevant knowledge of the business or practices of generator dealers or distributors.

“Particularly, the Commission is interested in any knowledge with respect to pricing, multiple, or duplicitous equipment models, import and or customs clearing practices, and any mutual communication or coordination between companies, information with respect to the following companies Jubaili brothers
, Mikano International Limited and JMG, “FCCPC said.

The Commission further noted that it would be pleased to welcome information in any form including anonymous, promising to protect the identities of contributors who so offer to come forward.

The FCCPC’s Vice CEO however noted that where a contributor desires direct engagement, the Commission will provide the same under secure circumstances or otherwise at the direction of the contributor.

He charged such an informant to send information to a secured dedicated address created by the Commission openpower@fccpc.gov.ng

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