June 21, 2024

Neconde reconsiders evacuation of 100,000 bpd crude oil via Trans-Forcados pipeline


Oredola Adeola

Following the level of success achieved with the repair of the Forcados Oil Export Terminal and other connecting trunklines, Neconde Energy Limited is planning to resume transportation of its locked-in crude oil production estimated at 100,000bpd through the 200km-long, 48-inch Trans Forcados Pipeline operated by the NNPC Exploration and Production Limited (NEPL).

Engr. Farouk Ahmed, Chief Executive, Nigerian Midstream and Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority(NMDPRA).in a strategic meeting with Mr. Frank Edozie, the Managing Director, Neconde, and representative of NEPL at the weekend discussed how the parties can resume export operations through the pipeline.

Engr. Farouk talked about measures to facilitate crude oil evacuation through an extensive pipeline network in Nigeria in line with our stakeholder engagement strategy.

EnergyDay’s check showed that the Trans Forcados Pipeline has for many years been shut in due to persistent attacks, vandalism by crude oil thieves, and technical challenges.

The Trans Forcados Pipeline (TFP) is the major trunk line, which feeds multiple branches from onshore fields. The NNPC Exploration and Production Limited (NEPL) formerly Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC) is the operator of the pipeline.

The frequent shutdowns on the TFP have made crude oil exploration and production companies including Neconde Energy Ltd, using the trunkline to be unable to meet export targets.

Neconde had for many years been evacuating crude oil in barges, thereby reducing production to between 15,000 barrels per day(bpd) and 17,000 bpd, instead of 100,000 bpd, due to incessant attack on TFP, which feeds the Forcados export terminal in Delta State.

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