March 2, 2024

TCN’s wheeling capacity hits 8,100MW, up from 7500MW


Oredola Adeola

The Transmission Company of Nigeria has confirmed upgrading its wheeling capacity “theoretically” from 7,500MegaWatts(MW) to 8,100MW, reaffirming its readiness to boost electricity supply across the country.

This was confirmed in a statement released by TCN and obtained by EnergyDay on Saturday.

According to the statement, the capacity of Transmission based on simulation carried out by TCN’s System Planning department is 8,100MW.

EnergyDay’s check showed that TCN’s wheeling capacity had increased from 5,000 in 2016 to 7,124MW in 2017, 7500MW in 2020, and 8100MW in 2022, while generation capacity stood at 7,652.6MW as of January 7, 2022.

Despite the simulated increase in wheeling capacity, the all-time peak generation ever attained, according to System Operator, is 5801.6MW.

TCN in the statement disclosed that it has continued to expand the nation’s grid by rehabilitating and upgrading brownfield/existing projects and building new/green field projects.

“The projects are in various TCN’s old or new Substations nationwide, from the North to the South to the East and West. The projects – substations, lines, and systems operations projects are numerous and on the ground nationwide. Several are already in the circuit while others are ongoing.

“TCN’s capacity and capability to transport bulk power are presently above the current bulk power generated into the grid and quantum power being taken by the DisCos.

“TCN’s capability to efficiently transmit the quantum of power generated into the grid is evidenced by the record of historical peak generations that were successfully transmitted to Distribution load centers nationwide,” the statement said.

The dates of peak generation successfully transmitted by TCN include:
*18th December, 2017 – 5222.3MW was successfully transmitted.
*7th February, 2019 – 5375MW was successfully transmitted.
*18th August, 2020 – 5420.30MW was successfully transmitted.
*28th October, 2020 – 5459.50MW was successfully transmitted.
*30th October, 2020 – 5520.40MW was successfully transmitted.
*25th February, 2021 – 5593.40MW was successfully transmitted.
*28th February, 2021 – 5615.40MW was successfully transmitted.
*1st March, 2021 – 5,801.60MW was successfully transmitted.

The statement further confirmed that on 1 March 2021, the Generation Companies(GenCos) generated a record peak of 5,801MW which was equally transmitted very successfully to distribution load centers nationwide, eligible customers, and international customers.

It said, “TCN’s operational capacity at 8,100MW and growing, is backed by facts. It is not claiming that it has resolved all the challenges that impact its operations as the manager of the transmission grid, but it is resolute in its expansion drive.

“This is why it is constantly working on its well-articulated Nigerian Electricity Grid Maintenance Expansion & Rehabilitation Programme (NEGMERP).”

TCN however revealed its commitment to achieving the NEGMERP is gradually paying off.

Engr. Sule Adbulaziz, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, TCN said, “In 2022, TCN steadfastly worked its grid expansion plans as chronicled in its flagship programme NEGMERP, aimed at systemically expanding the nation’s grid network through the diligent implementation of planned network expansion projects.

“There were challenges, no doubt, but evidence of what we did are all on the ground as most are tangible assets, either completed and already in the circuit or ongoing, “TCN’s MD noted.

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