May 26, 2024

REVEALED! Location, identities of seven (7) Offshore blocks on offer in 2022 mini bid round


Oredola Adeola

EnergyDay has obtained the locations and identities of the seven (7) deep offshore oil and gas blocks that the Nigerian Upstream Regulatory Commission(NUPRC) is planning to auction to investors during the pre-bid conference of the 2022 Mini Bid Round, scheduled to hold on Monday, 16, January 2023 at Eko Hotel and Suites, Lagos. 2022 Mini Bid Round

The details of the blocks was revealed in a statement released on Tuesday by Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS), a Norwegian-based technologically focused oilfield service company, which is one of the multi-client partners that worked with the National Data Repository (NDR) of NUPRC, to provide the 2D and 3D seismic data of the blocks.

PGS, the geophysical company, confirmed that the seven(7) blocks on offer are focused in the north-western Nigerian Offshore.

According to PGS, the blocks including Petroleum Prospecting Licenses (PPL) -300-Deep Offshore(DO), PPL-301-DO, and PPL-302-DO are located in the Nigerian Transform Margin area, off the city of Lagos in South-West, Nigeria.

The other blocks PPL-303-DO, PPL-304-DO, PPL-305-DO, and PPL-306-DO are within the deepwater Niger Delta Basin.

PGS said that it has assembled a data package to license over the blocks, comprising 10,000 sq. km of merged 3D seismic data.

The company said, “This is composed of various input surveys which have been matched, merged, and re-binned onto a common grid resulting in a single, continuous volume of full-stack seismic data in the time domain.


“This extensive seismic coverage allows for a regional-scale understanding of prospectivity in and around the license round acreage.

“Enhanced datasets are also available to license as GeoStreamer PSTM and MegaSurveyPlus PSTM which have additional products such as angle stacks and gathers,” PGS said.

Providing further details for proper geological insight, PGS data revealed that the Niger Delta Basin is dominated by up to 12 km of Late Cretaceous to Quaternary aged clastics deposited in an upward coarsening regressive deltaic sequence.

It said, “The main source rocks are Akata Formation marine shales and Lower Agbada Formation paralic shales. Proven reservoirs in the basin are dominated by unconsolidated sandstones of the Agbada Formation deposited as stacked turbidite channel and fan complexes.
“Two main plays are proven in the Nigerian Transform Margin area; the syn-transform Lower Cretaceous and post-transform Upper Cretaceous.

“Cenomanian-Turonian marine shales provide an oil-prone source rock in the region, with potential reservoirs deposited as shallow and marginal marine sandstones in the Lower Cretaceous, and deep-marine sandstones in the Upper Cretaceous,” the data showed.

PGS however noted that with assent given to the Petroleum Industry Act( PIA 2021), potential bidders would benefit from a clear legislative backdrop from NUPRC as well as from a wealth of 3D seismic data available.

The NURPRC in a similar message on Tuesday also confirmed the plan to hold the pre-bid conference in Lagos, as part of efforts to provide potential applicants with an opportunity to ask questions they may have concerning the Mini Bid Round process and requirements.

The Commission said that the bid-round is an opportunity to spur new exploration and drilling activities in the prospective deep-water offshore Nigeria.

The Commission said that the National Data Repository(NDR) of NUPRC and its multi-clear partners will be available to support the Min Bid Round underpinned by high-quality datasets. It also confirmed that the blocks have extensive 2D and 3D seismic data coverage, including multibeam and analog data.

According to NUPRC, a remarkable quality, 3D MegaSurveyPlus reprocessed Pre-stack Time Migrations (completed in October 2022) with angle stacks and gathers is also available to prospective bidders. Links to all data can be accessed via the dedicated NUPRC portal.

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