March 2, 2024

Fuel Scarcity: 64.42 million litres of petrol evacuated daily between January 28, February 3 – Report

Oredola Adeola

The Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPCL) has revealed that the average daily volume of 64.42 million litres of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) also known as petrol, were evacuated from all top 32 top and 29 other loading depots and terminals across the country in one week (January 28 – February 3, 2023).

This was disclosed in the national oil company’s nationwide weekly PMS evacuation and dispatch report for the week under review and obtained by EnergyDay on Sunday.

According to NNPCL, eighty-nine (89) per cent of all evacuations took place at the top 32 loading depots, with the minimum evacuation of 5.25million litres from Emadeb depot Energy Services Limited (EESL), located in Ijegun, Satellite Town, Lagos and maximum evacuation of 57.26 million litres at Pinnacle Oil, Lekki.

The NNPC’s report stated that twenty-nine (29) other loading depots evacuated eleven per cent (11%) of the available volume as Salbas Oil depot recorded the maximum evacuation of 4.71million litres, while Nepal had the lowest evacuation of 200,000 litres.


Aiteo 23.29million litres, Mrs Ltd- 22.66 million Litres, Masters Oil and Gas- 22.66million litres, NIPCO- 22.45million litres, Bluefin- 20.08 million litres, Bond Global 16.12million litres, 11PLC-14.19million litres, RainOil- 14.42million litres, Total-OVH JV- 14.19 million litres, Sharon, Koko- 10.98million litres, Danmarna Pet- 9.92million litres, ConOil Lag 9.54million litres, and Shema Pet-9.31 million litres.

Others are SHAFA Energy- 8.92million litres, Prudent -8.32million litres, , A.A Rano-8.24million litres, Energygreen- 8.03 million litres, TSL- 7.70million litres, WABECO- 7.60million litres, HOGL- 7.28million litres, WOSBAB -7.13million litres, Total Apapa – 7.03million litres, CYBERNETICS- 6.93million litres, BONO- 6.78million litres, BOVAS Bulk- 6,55million litres, BOVAS 6,52million litres, SOBAZ Nig,Ltd -6.47million, T-TIME 5.50million litres, PPMC Warri -5,32 million litres.



MAO oil& gas depot- 4.62million litres, Stallionaire- 4.54million litres, AIPEC Ibafo 4.43 million litres, ANMASCO-3,53million litres, MATRIX- 3,53million litres, Ever Oil- 3.38million litres, PPMC Calabar-2.81million litres, Gulf Treasures- 2.64million litres, Specialty-2.24 million litres, FYNEFIELD- 1.56million litres, Techno- 1.41million litres, Alkanes -1.36million litres, A.Y.M Shafa- 1.33million litres,  SWIFT- 1.06million litres, ASCON- 980,000 litres, First Royal -890,000 litres, MAINLAND-760,000litres,  MRS Plc- 750,000litres, Zamson Global- 730,000litres, CHIPET-690,000litres, RainOil Lagos-310,000litres, Pinnacle- 270,000 litres, Stockgap-230,000litres, FATGBEMS-200,000litres, JEZCO-180,000litres, NorthWest-70,000litres, ASHARAMI and Synergy-50,000 litres.



The report further stated that out of 7112 trucks dispatched nationwide, a total of 1,251 trucks were dispatched to Lagos state (being the state with the highest supply), while 847 trucks were dispatched to Abuja, FCT trailing Lagos, and Ebonyi State received only 22 trucks of PMS, being the lowest dispatched in the period under review.

The number of trucks dispatched to other states includes: Oyo state-372, Ogun- 311, Kano-268, Delta- 284, Adamawa -246, Kwara -286, Bauchi- 212, Niger-213, Katsina-209, Kaduna- 175, Kebbi- 168, Kogi- 156, Edo- 159, Anambra- 131, and Nasarawa- 146.

Others are Ondo- 140, Yobe-115, Plateau- 140, Gombe-115, Sokoto- 97, Taraba- 101, Osun-108, Benue- 102, Akwa Ibom- 84, Imo-73, Rivers- 82, Borno-75, Cross River- 74, Abia- 62, Zamfara- 67, Jigawa -65, Enugu-64, Ekiti-61, and Bayelsa-31.

NNPCL however disclosed that a total of 450.92million litres of PMS was evacuated from all the depots and terminals in the week under review, adding that its Year-To-Date (YTD)daily average was 63.07million litres.


Mele Kyari, NNPCL GCEO, had, last week, revealed that the NNPCL has increased daily petrol supply from an average of 67million litres per day depot trucks out to between 70 million litres and 80 million litres in the last few days to offset the demand pressure.

While attributing the fuel scarcity to the greed of some marketers and fuel consumers alike, Kyari noted that the increased supply to the depot was expected to cover up for the volume of petrol hoarded by customers due to panic buying and PMS being diverted to neighbouring countries by some marketers.

He also noted that the NNPCL has commissioned over 120 Department of States Security (DSS) officials to follow petrol trucks to their locations in Abuja and the environs.

He also added that following the level of normalcy recorded in Abuja due to the intervention of the DSS, security agencies in different parts of the country have also been commissioned to also monitor the movement of petrol trucks from terminals to the retail outlets in different states.