July 13, 2024

NNPC floods market with 953.13 million litres of petrol in 14 days, increases daily evacuation to 71.74million litres between Feb 4-10

Oredola Adeola


The Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPCL) has distributed a total volume of 953.13 million litres of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) also known as petrol, nationwide between January 28 and February 10, 2023, as it increased the average daily volume of product evacuated from all major and minor depots and terminals in the country to 71.74 million litres in seven days, February 4 to February 10, 2023.


The NNPCL revealed this in its nationwide weekly PMS evacuation and dispatch report for Week-6, 2023, obtained by EnergyDay on Sunday, as part of the measure to close the supply gap and distribution challenges associated with the diversion of product to neighbouring countries and hoarding by petrol marketers.


EnergyDay analysis showed that the average volume of petrol evacuated daily at the terminal increased by 7.32 million litres to 71.74 million litres in Week-6 from 64.42 million litres evacuated in Week-5, 2023.


Based on the report 87 per cent of evacuation took place at the top 31 loading depots, with a minimum evacuation of 5 million litres from StockGap terminal in Apapa, Lagos and a maximum evacuation of 71.53 million litres at Pinnacle Oil, Lekki.


The NNPC’s report stated that twenty-nine (28) other loading depots evacuated 13 per cent of the total volume as DANMARNA Petroleum Company recorded the maximum evacuation of 4.86million litres, while Swift Oil and Gas had the lowest evacuation of 40,000 litres.



NIPCO- 29.53million litres, Aiteo 28.71million litres,  Matrix- 19.79million litres, TSL- 19.69million litres, Mrs Ltd- 19.09 million litres, Techno -16.43million litres, Total-OVH JV- 15.55 million litres, 11PLC-14.07million litres, Salbas- 13.90 million litres, WABECO- 13.31million litres, BONO ENERGY- 12.90million litres,  SOBAZ Nig,Ltd -11.92million litres, Shema Pet-11.81 million litres.

Others are RainOil- 11.20million litres, BOVAS Bulk- 10.41million litres, ConOil Lag 10.30million litres, Optima- 10.07 million litres, Total Apapa – 10.07million litres, PPMC Warri- 10million litres,  Masters Oil and Gas- 22.66million litres,, Bluefin- 20.08 million litres, Bond Global 16.12million litres,  , , Sharon, Koko- 10.98million litres, Danmarna Pet- 9.92million litres, BOND Global-8.89 million litres, MAO 8.23 million litres, Prudent- 8.03 million litres, CHIPET- 7.67 million litres,   ASCON -7.31 million litres, FATGBEM- 6.85million litres, AMMASCO-6.38million litres, OTHNIEL BROOKS – 6.23million litres, NEPAL- 5.97million litres and RAINOIL, Lagos- 5.22 million litres.


A.Y.M Shafa Limited – 4.79 million litres, Parkers Oil & Gas -4.74 million litres,  HOGL- 4.55million litres, SHAFA Energy-4.47million litres, MASTERS- 4.37million litres, MRS PLC -4.19million litres,  BLUEFIN- 4.12million litres, CYBERNETICS-4.11million litres, A.A Rano- 3.92million litres, NorthWest- 3,67million litres, Ocean Pride- 2,68million and Sharon Koko- 2.45million litres.

Others are Gulf treasures – 2.39million litres, AIPEC Ibafon-2.32million litres, Stallionaire- 1.53million litres, FYNEFIELD- 1.36million litres, EMADEB- 1.29million litres, AVIDOR 1.08million litres, WOSBAB- 990,000 litres, First Royal-660,000 litres, Specialty- 610,000 litres, EverGreen-440,000 litres, EVER Oil- 240,000 litres,  ALKANES- 140,000 litres, T-Time-80,000, and Mainland-50,00.



A total of 7,555 trucks were dispatched across the country. About 2,267 trucks were dispatched to Lagos state (being the state with the highest supply), followed by Abuja, FCT  707 trucks, while Ebonyi State registered only 25 trucks of PMS, being the lowest dispatched in the period under review.

Number of petrol tankers dispatched to other states includes Oyo- 629, Delta-604, Ogun-533, Kwara- 432, Edo-339, Ondo- 307, Kano- 253, Rivers 239, Anambra- 231, Katsina-230, Bauchi- 218, Akwa Ibom -214, and Osun- 196.

Others are Adamawa- 195, Kogi-191, Kaduna- 187, Niger- 164, Kebbi- 153, Nassarawa- 151, Plateau- 150, Cross River- 142, Abia -116, Ekiti- 110, Yobe-106, Benue- 97, Taraba -88, Imo-64, Sokoto- 82, Gombe- 79, Borno- 77, Enugu-70, Jigawa -59, Bayelsa -49, and Zamfara -48.

NNPCL revealed that its Year-To-Date (YTD)daily average was 64.93million litres.



The latest development was a follow up to the statement made by Mallam Mele Kyari, NNPCL Group Chief Executive Officer, that the national oil company has increased daily petrol supply from an average of 67million litres per day depot trucks out to between 70 million litres and 80 million litres  to offset the demand pressure.


Mallam Kyari had during an interview on NTA News Now, said that the nationwide petrol scarcity was caused by the greed of some marketers and fuel consumers alike.


Kyari noted that the increased supply to the depot was expected to cover up for the volume of petrol hoarded by customers due to panic buying and PMS being diverted to neighbouring countries by some marketers.


He also noted that the NNPCL has commissioned over 120 Department of States Security (DSS) officials to follow petrol trucks to their locations in Abuja and the environs.


He also added that following the level of normalcy recorded in Abuja due to the intervention of the DSS, security agencies in different parts of the country have also been commissioned to also monitor the movement of petrol trucks from terminals to the retail outlets in different states.