April 21, 2024

9,984 trucks loadout 558.83 million litres of petrol from 66 depots between March 4 -10, 2023

Oredola Adeola

The data released by the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited, (NNPCL) has shown that 9,984 trucks evacuated a total of 558.83 million litres of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) also known as petrol, between Saturday, March 4 and Friday, March 10, 2023 (Week 10,2023) representing an increase of 48.8 per cent from 339.54 million litres of petrol evacuated in Week 9, 2023.

This was revealed in the latest data released by the NNPCL for the week under review and obtained by EnergyDay on Sunday.

EnergyDay’s analysis of the NNPCL’s truck-out data showed that a total volume of 2,652.83 million litres (2.7 litres) of petrol has been successfully evacuated into the market between January 28 and March 10, 2023

Based on the data released by NNPCL, the petrol subsidy incurred by the country in 6 weeks will therefore be equivalent to N535.87 billion, based on the estimate of N202 paid as subsidy on every litre of petrol distributed nationwide, an amount quoted by Mele Kyari, Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO) NNPCL during the official cutover ceremony from NNPC to NNPC Limited, held recently in Abuja.



Meanwhile, the NNPCL’s nationwide weekly PMS evacuation and dispatch for week-10, 2023, showed that 90% of 558.83 million litres evacuated in week 9, 2023, took place at the 36 top loading depots, with Pinnacle Lekki loading 56.76 million litres, being maximum evacuation while A & E loaded 5.78 litres.

Other loading depots evacuated 10 per cent of the total volume with Ocean Pride loading 4.51 million litres and Swift taking the lowest with 70,000 litres of petrol in the period under review.



Product evacuation in the other 34 top loading depots includes NIPCO- 28.28 million litres, 11 PLC- 28.03ml, AITEO- 24.35 ml, MATRIX – 17.98 ml, MRS Ltd- 16.79 ml, SALBAS -16.53ml, A.A Rano- 16.14 ml, TSL -16.08ml, A.Y.M Shafa- 16.03ml, BOVAS- 15.22ml, TOTAL -OVH JV- 14.47 ml, ConOil LAG- 14.37ml, DANMARNA PET- 12.88ml, MRS Plc-12.46ml, and ETERNA- 12.44ml.

Others are RainOil -11.70ml, BLUEFIN-11.66ml, PARKER oil-11.51ml, PPMC Warri- 11.02ml, SHAFA Energy- 10.28ml, Zamson Global- 10.27ml, OVH Energy -9.98ml, TOTAL Apapa- 9.63ml, SHEMA PET- 9.36ml, SPECIALTY – 9.23ml, AMICABLE- 9.11ml, OPTIMA -8.83ml, PRUDENT- 8.52ml, MASTERS – 8.24ml, CONOIL PH- 8.17ml, BOVAS BULK- 8ml, EMADEB -6.96 ml, Liquid Bulk -6.73ml, and HOGL -6.39ml .



MENJ oil- 4.46 million litres, ASCON- 4.32ml, MAINLAND- 4.18ml, INTEGRATED oil- 3.99ml, ROSA MYSTICA – 3.93ml, RainOil Lagos – 3.38, FYNEFIELD – 3.07ml, ALKANES- 2.69ml, HUDSON- 2.45ml, CHIPET -1.93ml, ORYX- 1.92ml, NorthWest – 1.9ml, and TAURUS- 1.78ml.

The others are STOCKGAP- 1.75ml, PPMC Ejigbo -1.63ml, AFRICA – 1.46ml, KEONAMEX- 1.23ml, SOBAZ Nig Ltd- 880,000litres, GULF TREASURES- 800,000litres, HONG Nig.Ltd- 760,000litres, TECHNO- 710,000litres, AMMASCO- 550,000litres, AVIDOR – 440,000 litres, AIPEC IBAFON- 360,000 litres, BONO Energy – 240,000 litres, and WABECO- 210,000


About 1,961 trucks were loaded from Lagos depots, followed by 714 trucks loaded to Oyo state, the least dispatched was 38 trucks that were dispatched to Ebonyi, out of a total of 9,984 trucks dispatched from the depots to different destinations, nationwide in the period under review.

The average daily evacuation was 79.83 million litres in the week under review.