April 16, 2024

NGA to commission Decade of Gas secretariat, as Nwokedi restates commitment to FG gas policy, energy security


Oredola Adeola



The Nigeria Gas Association (NGA) is set to commission the Decade of Gas Secretariat, as part of its initiative to strengthen the role of the NGA in helping Nigeria transition from energy poverty to security and prosperity.



Mr. Akachukwu Nwokedi, President of NGA, in a statement obtained by EnergyDay on Friday, reiterated the association’s commitment to contributing to the country’s energy security and economic prosperity.



EnergyDay’s check showed that the Decade of Gas program was launched by former Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari, focusing on maximizing the domestic utilization of gas resources.



The NGA, as one of the stakeholders in the Nigerian gas sector, is using the initiative to address the challenges that have been limiting the full potential of this program and to ensure Nigeria’s long-term energy sufficiency.



NGA President in the statement therefore noted that the NGA is coordinating the Decade of Gas program launched by the Federal Government with industry support, which is aimed at accelerating development across the gas value chain by unlocking Nigeria’s gas reserves over a ten-year period.


He noted that the Decade of Gas Secretariat will be commissioned later in the month to enhance the role of NGA to move Nigeria from energy poverty to security and prosperity.


The NGA, according to him, is expected to provide a comprehensive insight into the Nigerian gas sector and enable participants to develop a greater understanding, interest, and commitment to the Decade of Gas program.



He said, “The association is committed to strengthening its advocacy role, helping to shape industry policies, building capacity, and promoting investment in the gas sector.”