May 26, 2024

Shell renewable company, Daystar Power sets to increase solar power capacity in Nigeria to 140MW by 2024

Daystar Power to increase its installed solar capacity in Nigeria to 140MW by 2024


Oredola Adeola


Daystar Power, a leading African off-grid services provider owned by Shell, has announced its commitment to expanding its installed solar power capacity in Nigeria, with the aim of increasing its capacity from the current total of 6.38 MegaWatts to 140MW by 2024.


According to a recent document seen by EnergyDay, Daystar Power revealed its plan to expand its capacity across multiple industries in Nigeria to close the power deficit in the country and meet the growing demand for clean energy. 

The acquisition of Daystar Power by Shell last year has put the company on track to achieve its expansion goals. With Shell’s support, Daystar Power plans to expand its capacity to over 100 megawatts, specifically catering to the financial services sector. 


EnergyDay further gathered that Daystar Power has in the last year been involved in several noteworthy projects in Nigeria. These projects include; a 4.5MW solar plant for Seven Up’s Ikeja factory, the 996kW solar system for BAGCO in Kano, the  627kW to 658kW expansion project at NBC’s Ikeja factory, and the 245kW solar system at a Primlaks Lagos factory.

These projects aim to provide reliable and affordable power to businesses in Nigeria and reduce the country’s reliance on diesel or gas generators for their power supply.


The implementation of solar power systems by Daystar Power is helping to address this issue and offer a more sustainable energy solution.

In a statement, Jasper Graf von Hardenberg, Chief Executive Officer of Daystar, said that Shell’s acquisition is expected to accelerate the roll-out of clean and affordable energy systems to commercial and industrial businesses across Africa.