June 21, 2024


Benjamin Joseph


The Bayelsa State Government has announced that pipeline surveillance by Pipeline Infrastructure Nigeria Ltd (PINL) has significantly increased crude oil delivery through pipelines from about 3% to above 90%, while also reducing the menace of oil theft and illegal bunkering that threatened Nigeria’s economy.



Franklin Otele, Special Adviser on Oil & Gas to Douye Diri, Governor of Bayelsa State, during a chat with media in Port Harcourt.


According to him, the introduction of pipeline surveillance contracts by the Federal Government to contractors like Pipeline Infrastructure Nigeria Ltd, PINL has helped to boost the state’s economy across the country, especially that of Bayelsa.


Otele affirmed fishing and farming by Bayelsans have been boosted after years of enduring the nefarious activities of pipeline vandals and oil thieves.



He added that crude oil pollution and environmental degradation have also stemmed since the operation of PINL surveillance commenced.


He said, “I want to thank the federal government for the initiative of engaging pipeline surveillance contractors such as Pipeline Infrastructure Nigeria Ltd PINL, which is presently in Bayelsa State.


“Illegal refining activities is not a strange thing in the Niger Delta, but since the inception of the contractors in Bayelsa, we have started to receive good results.


“Before the coming of the pipeline surveillance contractors, pipeline vandalism and illegal refining activities was rampant across many states including Bayelsa.


“The contractors have been engaging with the members of the communities, spoke with the government, and enlightened the people on the consequences of the illegal acts.”



Speaking on the consequences, he said, “Once there is vandalism there’s the shortage of crude oil supply, shortage of production and when this happens, first, the state government’s aspect, the monthly revenue will drop.


“At the community level, you know in Bayelsa, our occupation is predominantly fishing and farming and where there is pollution here and there, it will kill all the fishes around.


“Secondly, it will destroy the farmlands. And recently, we saw fire outbreaks where lives were lost, especially in Rivers and Imo states.”


Otele who commended Pipeline Infrastructure Nigeria Limited, PINL, for its key strategy of community engagement, employment of youths, and carrying out medical programmes, also called for the extension of the contract as well as widening the scope of the job for the contractors.


The Bayelsa’s Special Adviser on Oil & Gas to the Governor therefore charged the Niger Delta youths to abstain from stop pipeline vandalism, illegal oil bunkering, and other criminal activities in the interest of the country.