July 16, 2024

Dr. Abdullahi, DG Energy Commission says ECN underrated, vows to spearhead a new era in Nigeria’s energy landscape

Dr. Mustapha Abdullahi, Energy Commission of Nigeria (ECN)


Oredola Adeola


Dr. Mustapha Abdullahi, new Director-General/Chief Executive Officer, the Energy Commission of Nigeria (ECN) has observed that the ECN’s role is often underrated, and has therefore made a vow to spearhead a new era in Nigeria’s energy landscape that aligns with national, corporate, and individual needs and aspirations.


Dr. Abdullahi, ECN DG made this known in the inaugural address to the top management of the ECN, after his appointment by President Bola Tinubu as the substantive DG of the Commission.


According to him, serving as the Director-General of the ECN is an honor and privilege, recognizing the critical role the Commission plays in the nation’s development.


Expressing his appreciation for the trust placed in him by President Tinubu, the Director-General noted that the Commission’s role is often underrated.


He emphasized the importance of energy in every aspect of national economic development, from generation to sustainability, regulation, integrity, and environmental impact.


He said that the global energy landscape has evolved, and energy availability, sustainability, and environmental concerns have become central to discussions worldwide.


Dr. Abdullahi further acknowledged operational and budgetary constraints as major challenges that the ECN has faced over the years.



Highlighting some of his programmes for the Commission, the DG said the ECN is now dedicated to its staff and stakeholders

He said, ” I am committed to the Integration of the renewable and alternative energy policy structure into mainstream national energy architecture.



“Facilitation of research and development funding and partnership initiatives in the energy sector. Facilitation of improved welfare consideration for staff of the commission commensurate with standards in the energy sector,” he stated.


The new DG therefore vowed to review the extant energy policies, initiatives, and frameworks of the Commission to stimulate economic development.

According to him, in line with the previously highlighted points,  the ECN will also work within the newly enacted Electricity Act of 2023 regarding the implementation of specific provisions for renewable energy in the power sector.


He said that with the legislation in place, there is room for a larger scope of operations and cooperation with the states for deepened economic development built on a robust energy sector for the benefit of Nigerians.



He therefore affirmed that he is well-equipped to lead the ECN in unlocking Nigeria’s energy sector’s potential for economic development, bringing his professional background and experience in the energy sector,


EnergyDay reported that President Tinubu on Monday after confirming the appointment of the new ECN Chief Executive, gave him the mandate to make a positive impact on his administration’s intensive push to diversify the nation’s energy sources in a synergized fashion, towards the ultimate aim of industrializing every part of the country.


Dr Mustapha was commissioned to bring his wealth of professional expertise to bear to ensure that every citizen of Nigeria is emancipated from the shackles of energy poverty.