July 23, 2024

Maryland substation fire outbreak: TCN pursues nationwide re-conduction of 132kV transmission lines, rehabilitation of switchgears

TCN Maryland substation


… …steps up actions to prevent further explosion


Oredola Adeola


The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) said it is pursuing nationwide reconduction of 132kV transmission lines and rehabilitation of switchgear to avoid the re-occurrence of a fire incident that occurred at a power substation in Maryland, Lagos state, as a result of capacitor voltage transformer explosion.



Ndidi Mbah, General Manager of Public Affairs at TCN made this known in a statement released on Sunday following the fire outbreak on the Maryland-Ikorodu 132/33kV transmission line due to the explosion of a capacitor voltage transformer.



She confirmed the sudden failure of the Maryland-Ikorodu 132kV Line 2 Yellow phase capacitor voltage transformer, which was manufactured in 1983, to ageing and insulation failure.



According to TCN, at about 7:57 pm on Saturday, December 16, 2023, there was a fire incident, following a sudden explosion of capacitor voltage transformer on the Maryland-Ikorodu 132/33kV transmission line 2.



Nbah said, “This necessitated the emergency opening of the substation at 7 58pm, which entailed the isolation of Maryland-Ilupeju 132kV line 1, which was the source of power supply to the substation.



“Efforts were made to extinguish the fire but due to the presence of oil-immersed equipment within the surrounding area of the explosion, it was difficult until the Lagos State Fire Service arrived at 8:45 pm and put out the fire completely at 8:55 pm.



“At 9:02 p.m., the same day, the substation was restored into service. TCN regrets the inconvenience the incident caused electricity consumers taking supplies from Maryland Transmission Substation and notes that it is diligently pursuing the reconductoring/rehabilitating of all its 132kV transmission lines and switchgears nationwide, which would greatly help eliminate such incidents.



EnergyDay check showed that the TCN through the Transmission Rehabilitation and Expansion Program (TREP) is strengthening the weakest 330kV transmission line corridors through new lines and re-conducting some 330kV and 132kV lines using modern, higher-carrying capacity conductors.



Our correspondent gathered that the TCN has also embarked on a facelift of its facilities across the country, focusing on the upgrade of facilities, prompt maintenance, rehabilitation, grid expansion, and manpower development. 


 This includes reconducting 16 transmission lines and 17 others under the Service Level Agreement (SLA) projects to further reinforce the grid.