July 21, 2024

Nigeria leads in list of African countries with the most business power outages

Adebayo Obajemu

A new study has shown that Nigeria is leading in the list of African countries with the most business power outages, depicting the concomitant monetary losses incurred, according to Utility Bidders.

Going by the most recent data, companies in Nigeria experience almost 33 power outages a month, approximating to around 394 yearly – the third highest of any country on the list. Pervasive outages have become the order of the day in Nigeria as the national electricity grid supply is unreliable.

Averagely in comparison with the rest of the world, only Papua New Guinea and Yemen have more power outages per year on average.
Papua New Guinea experiences more business-related power outages than any other country on the list with a 2023 survey showing that less than a quarter of residents in Papua New Guinea have access to electricity.

The minority of people who have access to electricity in the country face regular issues, evidenced by the 503 power outages in this country every year.
With 466 power outages per year across firms, Yemen is second on the list. It is no secret that this country has recently struggled to cope with its electricity demands. Over the last year, some reports have claimed that Yemen’s capital, Aden, has experienced power outages which have lasted almost a day.