April 21, 2024

Nigerians commend Kaduna Electric for Refunds of 49,000 Customers overbilled


Adebayo Obajemu

The project coordinator of Action Against Injustice, Mahmood Abubakar has commended the Kaduna Electric for refunding 49,000 overbilled customers, saying this is the ” first time we are witnessing such responsibility, and I feel this should be the minimum standards. I enjoin other Discos and even other companies offering services who have cheated their customers either advertently or inadvertently to show great integrity and commitments.”
A customer, Jonathan Gwang said he was ” highly elated when my cousin who was overbilled told me that he was among those refunded.”

Recall that The Kaduna Electric, on Thursday, published the list of customers who had been refunded after being over-billed by the DisCo as directed by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC).

The full list of over 49,000 customers has been uploaded on the power distribution company’s website, www.kadunaelectric.com, in compliance with the NERC order.

NERC’s Capping Order directs distribution companies (DisCos) to ensure unmetered customers are not billed beyond a certain threshold.

The Registrar said in the order that the capping was aimed at aligning the estimated bills for unmetered customers with the measured consumption of metered customers on the same supply feeder.

In an introductory statement accompanying the list of refunded customers, Kaduna Electric said: “In compliance with the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission’s Order on Non-compliance with Capping of Estimated Bills to unmetered customers for the period of January to September 2023, Kaduna Electric has completed credit adjustment to all affected customers as provided in NERC’s assessment report.

“The affected customers will notice a credit adjustment for the cumulative overbilled amount for the period of January to September 2023 on their February 2024 bills which is being delivered as of now.”

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