April 16, 2024

Firm want independent electricity network outside EKEDC


Adewale Akintaro

An energy firm, Millwater Agbara Power Limited, has recently applied for an Independent Electricity Distribution Network pursuant to the provisions of Section 63 (71) of the Electricity Act, 2023.

However, the application is opposed by Eko Electricity Distribution Company following the provisions of Section 7 (11) of the Business Rules of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, NERC.

At a public hearing between Millwater Agbara Power Ltd versus Eko Disco, the Vice Chairman of NERC, Dr. Musiliu Oseni stated that the issue of health, safety and how power on an industrial scale will be sold and received must be put into consideration.

Oseni who voiced his concerns on health and safety, said the hearing was pursuant to the provisions of the Act as well as the power conferred on the Commission by the Electricity Act.

“We are not going to give our decisions on the basis of commercial arrangements and put lives at risk. The Commission needs to see an actual point for a proposed IEDN. That way, we have a geographical boundary. The next hurdle is the issues of health and safety, how power on an industrial scale will be sold to the people who are receiving it.’’

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