June 19, 2024

Society of Energy Editors launched


Ilenre Irele

The Society of Energy Editors, SEE, a freshly minted organization for energy editors has been unveiled to promote excellence in energy journalism and strengthen the gatekeeping function of the media in the energy sector.

In a statement released in Lagos, making public the birth of the society, said its establishment “is a response to the need for in-depth knowledge and nuanced reporting in the energy industry, which has been lacking in recent times.”

It added that with the increasing complexity of energy issues, it was imperative that media professionals covering the sector have a deep understanding of its operations, government policies, and regulatory frameworks.

The statement, signed by Chuks Isiwu, the Executive Secretary of the society, said membership was open to experienced journalists, editors, producers, and media professionals who have demonstrated a commitment to accurate and impactful reporting on energy issues.

“Members are expected to uphold the highest standards of journalistic ethics and professionalism, continually enhance their knowledge of the energy sector (oil, gas, power, solid minerals, community relations, renewable energy, labour relations, energy finance, freight, and technology) and actively engage in mentoring and knowledge sharing,” the statement read.

It further stated: “The Society will publish a quarterly ‘Nigeria Energy Outlook’ starting from the third quarter of 2024, providing advisory and clarifications on energy-related matters based on available information. Additionally, the Society will offer training and retraining programs for energy reporters and media executives to enhance the depth and quality of media coverage.

“By establishing the Society of Energy Editors, we aim to elevate the quality of energy journalism, contribute to a more informed public discourse, and support the growth and development of the energy industry.”

For more information on the society, please visit www.energyeditors.org

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