June 19, 2024

NLNG charters eco-compliant vessel to reduce carbon emission


Ilenre Irele

In a bid to ensure that its operations have minimal impact on the marine environment, Bonny Gas Transport Limited, BGT, a subsidiary of Nigeria LNG Limited (NLNG), has chartered a new build vessel, AKTORAS, in a strategic move to diversify and reduce the carbon footprint of its shipping portfolio.

Founded in 1989, BGT provides shipping capacity to NLNG’s operations and has been instrumental in solidifying NLNG’s reputation as a major LNG supplier on the global stage. The newly chartered vessel, AKTORAS, owned by Capital Gas Limited, symbolizes a pivotal addition to BGT’s fleet, leased under a Bareboat Charter arrangement.

The vessel is equipped with MEGA propulsion systems that reduce emissions and increase efficiency. It is a 174,000 m3 capacity class LNG carrier, with a length of 299.6 metres, breadth (moulded) of 46.40 metres and deadweight of 81,194 tons.

Speaking at the Christening ceremony week, at the Hyundai Heavy Industries shipyard in Mokpo, South Korea, Mrs. Olu Verheijen, Special Adviser to Nigerian President on Energy, said that the vessel would carry the spirit of Nigeria across the vast oceans and into the hearts of nations worldwide.

Verheijen said: “This ceremony symbolizes the unwavering commitment of Bonny Gas Transport Limited and its parent company, Nigeria LNG Limited, to adapt and thrive in the ever-evolving global energy landscape. Their dedication to futureproofing their business resonates deeply with me, recognizing it as a crucial strategy to maintain relevance and competitiveness in the dynamic LNG market.

“In the spirit of progress and renewal, this newly constructed vessel replaces ageing steamships, breathing new life into the fleet and bolstering BGT and NLNG’s capacity to meet the growing demands of the LNG market. This signifies a corporate milestone and a testament to Nigeria’s ambition to assert itself as a leading economic force in Africa and beyond. We are amidst a transformative journey, leveraging our resources to build a resilient economy that fosters development and prosperity. We assure our partners, including those present here, that we mean business.”

Similarly, Dr Philip Mshelbila, BGT’s Executive Vice President and NLNG’s Managing Director commended the charter of the vessel ‘M.T. AKTORAS’ adding that it will be a transformative stride towards decarbonisation and a sustainable future.

Mshebila said: “The charter of a newbuild modern tonnage to BGT, on a Bareboat Charter basis, represents a strategic move towards diversifying our shipping portfolio. This vessel signifies a new era of greater efficiency and sustainability for BGT’s fleet. The enhanced fleet capacity will support NLNG as it continues to harness Nigeria’s abundant natural gas resources, reposition itself in the Energy Transition era and prepare for the future, which includes the expansion of its production capacity in furtherance of the commitment to meet the growing demand for clean and sustainable energy solutions on a global scale,”.

In his reaction at a pre-vessel naming dinner, the Chargé D’ Affaires of the Nigerian Embassy in South Korea, Ambassador Ferdinand Nwonye, urged the Hyundai Heavy Industries in South Korea to invest in a shipyard in Nigeria.

“Nigeria offers the biggest market in Africa and there is no shortage of quality manpower in Nigeria. Establishing a Shipyard in Nigeria will give you easy access to the markets of both West and East African countries. It will be a win-win cooperation for all of us,” he added.

AKTORAS will be managed by NLNG Shipping and Marine Services Limited (NSML).

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