July 13, 2024

Nigeria signs collaborative agreement on hydrogen energy development


Adewale Akintaro

As part of efforts to deepen clean energy, the Federal Government through the Ministry of Petroleum Resources, has signed a landmark agreement with the Foundation for Sustainable Social Responsibility in Emerging Africa, FOSSREA, to develop hydrogen energy in the country.

The agreement which paves the way for collaboration between the Ministry and FOSSREA aims to promote the development and investment in hydrogen as a future fuel and position Nigeria as a key player in the global hydrogen economy.

According to FOSSREA Chairman, Aliu Hydar Mijinyawa, hydrogen was a key fuel of the future globally, as many countries around the world already had gone very far in deploying hydrogen and were enjoying millions of dollars of investment, hence Nigeria must put its foot forward.

Mijinyawa at the signing of agreement ceremony in Abuja, said FOSSREA was an organization that was formed to provide a platform for Nigerians both within and outside Nigeria to give back to the country in various sectors.

He emphasized the need for the country to leverage on the opportunity to attract investors and build a strong hydrogen economy, noting that experts within and outside Nigeria would be consulted to share their expertise, knowledge and to brainstorm on how to lay the foundation of hydrogen in Nigeria.

“Hydrogen is the fuel of the future, and Nigeria must be at the forefront of its development. One key sector we found important that will be beneficial to the country is the energy sector. In the energy sector, we felt that the Ministry of Petroleum Resources should be at the forefront of driving this.

“We believe that it will be an avenue that will be of benefit to the Renewed Hope Agenda of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. It will go a long way in laying the foundation in attracting investors into the country and deploying the value chain of hydrogen to build a strong hydrogen economy.”

Also, the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum Resources, Amb. Nicholas Agbo Ella described the agreement as a “turning point” in Nigeria’s engagement with hydrogen energy.

Ella expressed optimism that the partnership would revolutionize the country’s energy landscape and make Nigeria a force to be reckoned with in the global hydrogen industry.

“We now have a focal point that we can relate with when it comes to hydrogen matters. When I assumed office, hI met with the officials of the German Embassy and was briefed on how Germany has gone head-on with hydrogen, acknowledging it as the future fuel.

“It was against this backdrop that I felt there was a lacuna, that we were disconnected from these realities and that it was important that we find a helping hand, a shoulder that we can lean on and that can take the issue of hydrogen forward.

“We can research, harmonize, and exchange ideas that will benefit Nigeria. Hydrogen being the fuel of the future is revolutionizing activities in many spaces and climes and Nigeria can not be left behind,” Ella said.

The Permanent Secretary thanked FOSSREA for driving the hydrogen process and exploring ways that will make Nigeria emerge as one of the forces in hydrogen development in the world.

“As we go about this responsibility, we will be calling upon you from time to time to share your research works, knowledge and expertise with our own officers. We want to go hand in hand with you in training and in developing the capacities of the officers in this sphere.”


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