July 13, 2024

EEDC opens up on reported distribution of ‘free’ prepaid meters in South-east


Ilenre Irele

The Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) has finally talked about the company’s alleged distribution of free prepaid meters to its customers.

EEDC is the power distribution company in charge of electricity supply in South-east Nigeria.

A man who identified himself as Okechukwu Cyril Nwuche had claimed that the EEDC was calling on its customers to apply for free prepaid meters.

Mr Nwuche claimed to be a university lecturer and chairperson of South-east Electricity Distribution Consumers Association in Anambra State.

In a video clip which went viral on Wednesday on Facebook, he claimed that the association prevailed on the EEDC to introduce the initiative to stop alleged cases of over billing of customers by the company.

But reacting to the claims on Friday, the EEDC spokesperson, Emeka Ezeh, refuted the claims and asked customers to ignore them.

“This information is not only incorrect but laced with mischief aimed at misleading unsuspecting customers and creating confusion within the space,” Mr Ezeh said.

He said although the EEDC encourages its customers to have their premises metered, it was never to be issued without cost.

“EEDC clearly states that the Meter Asset Provider Metering Scheme remains the available metering option for customers who want to acquire prepaid meters.

“This arrangement allows the customers to pay for the meter and be reimbursed through energy, over a period,” he explained.

The EEDC spokesperson asked customers who desire to obtain a meter to visit the company’s website or office and fill out the form to initiate the process.

“It is pertinent to note that customers living in communities that are under a bulk billing arrangement cannot apply individually for prepaid meters, except the community opts to be debulked, which will require enumeration and creation of account for the individual customers.

“That is the only time individual customers within such a community can apply to be metered,” the spokesperson added.

‘NERC still working on free meter initiative’
On the possibility of free meters, Mr Ezeh recalled that the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission recently came up with an initiative designed to close the metering gap for unmetered customers within the Band A feeders.

“Modalities for this programme will be made known to customers once it is ready,” he said.

The spokesperson urged electricity users to disregard information that does not emanate from the company to avoid unnecessary confusion.


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