July 13, 2024

Nigerian petroleum ministry uses AI to bolster efficiency in oil and gas sector


Adewale Akintaro

The Ministry of Petroleum Resources Thursday, stated that it was using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in exploration and production processes to drive efficiency and lower cost in the oil and gas sector in the country.

Speaking at a meeting with staff of the ministry in Abuja, the Permanent Secretary, Nicholas Ella, said the move was in alignment with the priority areas established by the current administration.

He stated that the cardinal objective of the engagement was to underscore the ministry’s effort to line up with the presidential directive issued in January this year to “unlock the energy sector and natural resources for sustainable development.”

To understand the enormity and urgency of the tasks before the ministry, he urged officials to appreciate the vast energy needs of Nigerians – to power homes and industries.

“On embracing technological advancements, the ministry initiated programmes to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the oil and gas sector. AI was utilised to optimise exploration and production processes, enhance predictive maintenance of equipment, and improve decision-making through data analytics.

“By adopting AI technologies, we aimed to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, and minimise environmental impact, thereby positioning Nigeria’s oil and gas sector at the forefront of innovation. Committees were established to oversee these initiatives and ensure their successful implementation,” he stated.

Ella stated that the federal government places a high premium on gas infrastructure development and supply, demonstrating this with the launch of the “Decade of Gas” programme and ensuring Nigeria expands the supply and distribution of gas as the major source of energy.


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