May 26, 2024

Honours as Dr. Tinuade Sanda entrenches culture of workplace excellence at EKEDC

Standing SOLID, as the only electricity Distribution Company in Nigeria that is not listed as a defaulter in the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (NESI) market out of all the eleven DisCo in Nigeria, as of March 2023, recording improved power supply to customers, the highest collection ever in history, lowest ATC&C losses in record time, substantial reduction in work-related accidents, and marked increase in staff retention, the Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC) has steadily grown into a great workplace in Nigeria.

Through deliberate and intentional efforts embodied by policies and system optimization, EKEDC under the management led by Dr. Tinuade Sanda, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, is attracting and retaining great talents, while seeing new levels of performance output.
It has been one great success story in elevating a workplace for sustained optimum performance!
EKEDC has witnessed some marked changes in staff remuneration and incentivization, as well as training and capacity development.

The strategy has been to create a continuous upward mobility track where employees improve as they stay on the job while ensuring they receive their due reward for performance.


The emergence of the MD/CEO of the company last year marked a defining moment for the company’s culture regarding staff welfare and performance incentivization.
Under her watch, EKEDC has witnessed massive changes with regard to remuneration, incentives, working environment, and capacity development.
In May last year, there was a 25% salary increase across the board for staff. This was followed by the promotion of over 1000 staff and the payment of performance bonuses in October.
These efforts shot staff enthusiasm and commitment through the roof, manifesting in unprecedented performance levels for staff and the organization.
While staff clocked in more hours and delivered more projects, the company registered its highest collection ever over a one-year period.
To further demonstrate its commitment to staff and appreciation of their efforts, the Management under Dr. Sanda launched the first-ever award of excellence for staff, tagged, Awards for Corporate Excellence (ACE). It was held in February of this year.
It featured over 100 awardees who were honoured and rewarded with substantial cash gifts.
The ACE event is a model that is sure to inspire other organizations as they seek innovative and impactful ways to incentivize their staff.
In March of this year, EKEDC witnessed yet another addition to its conducive working environment. It saw the opening of Nursing pods for nursing mother staff.
This was very well received by the staff, especially female staff and nursing mothers. It signaled a commitment to inclusion and enhancement of the working conditions of those with peculiar needs.

It was a bold statement on EKEDC’s embrace of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


To cap off a splendid March for the women of EKEDC, Dr Sanda celebrated International Women’s Day with female staff with a movie date. It was a great opportunity for bonding, healthy engagement and meaningful interaction. It was a true celebration of the power of women working together.
What has been significant about the culture of EKEDC under Dr. Sanda has been the inclusion of staff in policy formulation and decision-making. The views and insights of staff have been received and included in the decision-making process, giving them a sense of belonging and ownership.
 At EKEDC, there are no outsiders, no bystanders; it is one big family of valued and respected contributors. This has been the secret to its vibrant and robust work culture.
It is gratifying to know that all these efforts have not gone unrecognized. Only a few days ago in April, EKEDC was recognized as one of the best 25 companies to work in in Nigeria by LinkedIn, ranking within the top 10.
In its ranking, LinkedIn— an American professional social networking platform— recognized EKEDC alongside EY (Ernst & Young), Interswitch Limited, Nestle, Standard Chartered Bank, and ExxonMobil, among other notable brands.
Its methodology included components like how employees are advancing both within a company and when they leave, how they’re upskilling while employed there, the supportive culture in place, the variety of educational attainments of employees, attrition, and layoff rates.
EKEDC, speaking through the GM, Corporate Communications and Strategy, Babatunde Lasaki while responding to this development, made it clear that even though it was proud that the company was “one of the ‘Stellar 25’ from a sea of companies in Nigeria”, it would not rest on its oars “until we become and remain number one”.
This is a message that embodies the relentless commitment to excellence. It is how winners stay ahead!