April 16, 2024

 NERC, CSOs, consumer advocacy groups meet, dialogue on electricity pricing, regulatory framework under new Electricity Act 

Day 1 of the NERC Workshop for CSOs and Consumer Advocacy Groups.


Oredola Adeola


The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) organized a workshop for CSOs and Consumer Advocacy Groups, providing a platform for dialogue and knowledge sharing on electricity pricing, challenges, and the benefits of right pricing under the new Electricity Act. 



EnergyDay obtained this during the NERC Workshop for Civil Society Organizations and Consumer Advocacy Groups which kicked off on Monday in Kano State. 


 Abba Terab, the Deputy General Manager of Market Competition and Rates at NERC, in his paper presentation on Electricity Pricing, highlighted the challenges faced in the sector and the importance of implementing the right pricing strategies. 


 Terab emphasized the need for fair and transparent pricing to ensure a competitive electricity market and prevent the abuse of market power.
Abba Terab, NERC DGM, Market Competition and Rates
He stated that transparent pricing will ensure that electricity consumers are not exploited and that the market operates efficiently.
The NERC Deputy General Manager of Market Competition and Rates further added that by implementing the right pricing strategies, the electricity sector can become more competitive, which will ultimately benefit consumers.
Jamila Umar, the Coordinator for Consumer Advocate, in her remark emphasized the need for energy sensitization to inform people about the penalties for energy theft.
She stressed the importance of this measure, stating that it could help reduce the incidence of energy theft.
According to her, when the consumers are properly educated about the consequences of energy theft, they will be more aware of the risks and penalties involved.
She stated that this measure could help deter them from engaging in such illegal activities.
Comrade Adams Otakwu, Chairperson of the Conference of Civil Society of Nigeria, acknowledged the crucial role of CSOs in contributing to economic growth and emphasized the importance of electricity as a core component for this growth.
Otakwu while commending NERC for the initiative, pledged that CSOs would actively participate in the workshop and work towards adding value to NERC’s mandate.

Adetayo Adegbemle, Executive Director of PowerUp, on his part urged participants to be proactive in championing actions that would drive the reform of the Nigerian power sector.



Adegbemle recognized the long-standing discussions on improving electricity supply services and viewed the workshop as a significant platform to further advance this conversation. 



Princewill Okorie, National President of the Association of Public Policy Analysis (APPA), emphasized the partnership between CSOs and power sector operators.



Okorie acknowledged that disagreements may arise but stressed that the ultimate goal is to improve services. He commended NERC for creating a platform that facilitates constructive dialogue and collaboration.


EnergyDay gathered that the workshop provided an opportunity for CSOs and Consumer Advocacy Groups to engage with NERC and contribute to the ongoing efforts to reform the Nigerian power sector including the regulatory provisions and issues that are likely to emerge from the implementation of the new Electricity Act, recently signed by President Bola Tinubu. 



The workshop aims to drive positive change and improve electricity services in the country, participants who attended the workshop disclosed that the session will aim to empower CSOs and Consumer Advocacy Groups to actively participate in shaping the future of the Nigerian power sector.



They noted that by working together, regulatory bodies and civil society can drive meaningful reforms and ensure improved electricity services for all Nigerians.