April 16, 2024

NERC orders DisCos to replace faulty prepaid meters within 2 days

Oredola Adeola


The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has announced that electricity customers now have the right to have their faulty meters replaced within two working days of filing a complaint, this was part of the move to ensure that customers receive prompt and efficient service when it comes to meter maintenance and replacement.


Dr Abdulkadir Shettima, NERC GM, Finance and Management Services disclosed this while making a presentation on Metering Issues, Steps Taken So Far to Address the Challenges during the NERC Workshop for Civil Society Organisations and Consumer Advocacy Groups in Kano on Wednesday.

Dr Abdulkadir Shettima, NERC GM, Finance and Management Service

NERC is restating the regulations as a response to numerous complaints and the need for clarification by customers regarding the replacement of faulty and outdated meters.


According to Shettima, the customer has the right to replace faulty meters within two working days upon complaint unless the fault is from him in which case, he will be required to make an upfront payment.


EnergyDay gathered that the regulatory provision will ensure that customers do not have to endure prolonged periods without electricity due to faulty meters.


The NERC emphasizes the importance of prompt resolution and efficient service delivery to meet the needs and expectations of customers.


The NERC GM F&MS explained that customers will be required to make upfront payments if the fault is determined to be caused by their actions.



This provision aims to encourage responsible usage and discourage deliberate tampering with meters.


Dr. Shettima further said, “The customer has some obligations to perform among which is to authorize access to the meter and connection to the DisCos because a default could lead to disconnection.



“The customer also must ensure the safety of the meter & prevent unauthorized access to the meter.


“The customer also has the right to whatever credit that is on the old meter to be transferred to the new meter,” Dr. Shettima, NERC GM, Finance and Management Services said.



Dr. Shittu Shaibu, NERC DGM Consumer Affairs, during the workshop, while explaining the regulatory framework for consumer rights noted that under the Consumer Protection Regulation 2023, the electricity Distribution Companies(DisCos) are mandated to give an additional two working days as a grace period before disconnection of customers.

              Dr. Shittu Shaibu, NERC DGM Consumer Affairs

He said, “For every bill that is given to a customer, the payment must be written on the bill. This is the most interesting part and it has to be delivered by the agreed means, ten days before the due date.