March 1, 2024

President Muhammadu Buhari has blamed gas pipeline vandals for continued national grid collapse.


He made this known in a statement released on Wednesday evening following persistent power outage crippling the economy.

The President, while appealing to Nigerians for all the energy crisis being experienced across the country revealed that the present electricity challenge plaguing Nigeria is caused by low gas to power the generation plants due to activities of vandals on gas pipelines.

The President further noted that efforts have been made by the government for the restoration of 375MegaWatt to the grid system.

President Buhari said, “A dip in hydroelectric generation due to seasonal pressures has coincided with technical and supply problems at thermal stations. On this, the government is also working tirelessly to resolve the issues at these stations, to guarantee sufficient power flows into the national grid.

“We have identified the main challenge as being one of low gas-power generation as a result of sabotage of gas pipelines, leading to the shutdown of power plants. This in addition to ongoing routine maintenance on other gas power,” he said.
He further promised that the various players including GenCos, Transmission Company of Nigeria(TCN) and others are working with NNPC to pull about 1000MW into the grid system.


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